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The 15th Annual Wedgeport Tuna Tournament & Festival will take place August 19-25, 2018!


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Welcome to the Wedgeport Tuna Tournament

Each year, near the end of August, Wedgeport holds its Annual Tuna Tournament & Festival. Anglers from Canada and the United States participate in this historic tournament. Each year, we have from 5 to 10 boats that come to fish for the legendary Giant Bluefin Tuna. 

The tournament has been successful since its revival in 2004, having caught hundreds of tuna in the past 10 years. We are now holding the 11th Annual Wedgeport Tuna Tournament & Festival and are anticipating a bigger event then ever! The tournament continues to grow each year, attracting larger crowds and more participants. Read More...

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Brandon Doucette (Special Events Co-ordinatior)
phone: (902) 663-2560
fax: (902) 663-4738